Natco - Vision And Philosophy


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We will do our utmost to be the preferred Trading House in Yemen.


To provide quality products, professional and efficient services to maintain leading positions in chosen markets.

Code of Ethics

The HSA Way: Commitment to Our Founders’ Values The HSA Group is guided by universal humanitarian values – a philosophy that’s rooted in the traditions and principles of our founders. These core values are the reason we’ve been so successful throughout our history, and will serve as the foundation for the Group’s future growth. This is The HSA Way of running a thriving business.


Quite simply, a company is its people.

The employees, their welfare and concerns are very important to the success, Natco encourages a working environment based on mutual trust and confidence which should provide opportunities for individual effort and reward. Our success is built on the recognition of the skills and efforts made by each employee, and our policy is to work with all members of this team in a friendly manner and treat each team member with dignity and respect. Management, as part of this team, continuously works together with all employees for the benefit of our customers in order to improve Natco’s competitive position to accomplish three main goals:


  • Provide an excellent working environment for all team members.
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction by providing high quality goods and services.
  • Provide an excellent rate of return for the investors.