Natco - What We Do


We bring years of experience to the electrical and mechanical market.

We contribute to the development of the national economy.

Natco power was established in 1986 and since its establishment it has been working to provide the needs of the Yemeni market of electricity equipment and various power products for all public and private sectors and in all industrial, production, service, commercial fields, and others.

Due to NATCO Power’s experience and technical knowledge, as well as through its provision of reliable, safe, and high-quality products, it has gained the confidence of all local customers. It has also increased the confidence of our strategic international partners, which contributed to introduce more reliable international brands not only to cover the needs of our customers, but also to exceed their expectations by providing the best products and services in the field of power.

NATCO Power contributes to the development of the national economy by providing the special needs for power and electricity projects, communications & internet technology, as well as the needs of factories and various large infrastructure projects, as well as advanced software for energy management system.

On its plans of expansion, Natco has established a calibration laboratory, the first and only of its kind in Yemen, which specializes in calibrating the measurement devices to ensure highest accuracy, which will lead to the most accurate measuring of the industrial devices and machines, which will accordingly contribute to the maximum performance of these machines. The laboratory is certified by an international company specialized in this field.