Natco - Leadership



Mr. Nabil Hayel Saeed Anam
Managing Director

HSA Group, Yemen Region

Welcome to Natco, where excellence and innovation are nurtured with every endeavour. 

Since its establishment in 1982, Natco has been guided by the belief that true success lies in positively impacting the communities we serve. This principle of doing well by doing good is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy, shaping our strategies, and propelling us towards excellence.

As an HSA group subsidiary, Natco has infused this noble philosophy into the fabric of its operations empowers us to conduct business that generates high quality outcomes and contributes to the greater good of our stakeholders and the communities we serve.

Care is the foundation upon which Natco is built. We take good care of the well-being and happiness of our customers, people, and partners. This foundation drives us to go above and beyond, ensuring that every interaction and service we deliver carries genuine concern and thoughtfulness.

With a community spirit, Natco embraces togetherness, fostering a partnership among our people, customers and the larger community. Working together can always drive us to push the edge of possibility and unlock the potentials that lead Yemen to a brighter future.

During a journey of more than 40 years, we have proven our commitment to integrity, responsibility, and ethical business practices, which have propelled us to our current standing as a market leader. Building upon this strong foundation, Natco will continuously seek ways to positively impact its communities and lead changes in our industries.

Welcome to Natco, where excellence meets innovation and trust is nurtured with every endeavour. I invite you to experience the essence of our purpose-led organization.