Natco - Strategies


Our strategy is to adopt a development methodology as we believe that the secret behind long-term success is the continuous evolution in all business areas.

  • Market development & expansion strategies
  • Customer Service and after-sale-service development
  • Improved business facilities
  • Human resource development





Each business sector that forms an independent company within Natco functions and operates under a set of common business development strategies. These are structured with flexibility to allow adaptation according to the needs and requirements of each business sector.

Market Development


Natco's policy is to ensure that each company operates with pragmatic market development objectives and strategies, covering the following areas:

- To retain customer loyalty, through marketing programs oriented towards attaining customer confidence and satisfaction..

- Market entry and penetration strategies are to ensure satisfactory market positioning of products with the aim of acquiring appropriate market share.

- The products and nature of the market must be well studied to determine and define market segments and market niches for each product line.

- Distribution channels and network must be planned with future outlook to achieve extensive geographical coverage in the country.

- To assess market trend and evaluate performance through periodic market research.

- Pricing structure must be set in a competitive and profitable way.

- To institute promotional and advertising programs to support the overall market development plans



Natco's major objective is to ensure that each business sector is fully supported with essential facilities of appropriate standards to permit the company to operate and perform its functions under the right image. Such facilities include the following:

- Sales showrooms with interior decoration and layout compatible to the product lines.

- Modern offices supported with appropriate information technology.

- Support facilities such as those for maintenance and repairs fitted with essential equipment and tools.

- Warehouses with proper inventory system.

- Means of transportation for staff and goods.

- Other logistical support facilities.

Human Resource


Our management view is based on a fundamental reality that: central to any organizational success is the human resource. Thus our management organizational system is structured to ensure achievement of recruiting and training dedicated and diligent staff able to work under an environment that encourages high productivity and high level of achievement. We have instituted within our organizational system a set of management and operational guidelines that would ensure prevalence of the right work environment.